Malta’s most picturesque and attractive tourist destinations is Mellieha. Sitting majestically at the top of a high hill is the baroque village parish church overlooking  the largest white sandy beach in Malta. The beach natively known as ‘L-Ghadira’ meaning ‘the bay’ has a long promenade which provides a lovely stroll alongside the beaches.  This walkway is scattered with fresh fruit stalls, fast food and ice-cream kiosks, whilst the beach lidos offer a vast variety of fun acqua-sports, from paragliding to parachuting, water -skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving,  canoeing, together with paddle boat and jet ski hire.  A number of boat trips are also available.

Another attractive feature of Mellieha is ‘Popeye Village Fun Park’ at  Anchor Bay, which is where the shooting of the film ‘Popeye’ was originally taken.  This theatrical little village has been restored and to this day is visited and enjoyed by many tourists and Maltese alike.

The panoramic village of Mellieha boasts of it’s fine dining restaurants, traditional cute shops, vast jewellery outlets and numerous hotels. The Mellieha people have ensured nothing is lacking in their home village and all amenities are available. Mellieha is very proud of it’s patron saint ‘Our Lady of Victories’.  This is an annual feast which is held on the 8th of September, if you plan to visit Mellieha, ensure you are here on the eve.  Static ground fire arts and aerial fireworks light up the night skies over the church’s profile, orchestral bands play melodic tunes amidst all this commotion whilst numerous traditional/international  food stalls and kiosks line the lit-up streets of the village and people from all walks of life briskly stroll through the village to enjoy the festive ambience around them.



Another baby sister feast is held on the 14th of September and commemorates the feast of ‘Our Lady of the Sanctuary’ .   It is legendarily said, that an underground tunnel leading from the cave of ‘Our Lady’ to the bay, saved the life of a young and beautiful damsel who fled the capture of the Turks when they invaded Mellieha.  The cave today is a sanctuary to all believers and many visit this sacred cave to pray for miracles, some of which have been fulfilled and have been confirmed so, by the hundreds of thankful letters and gifts placed at the cave.  A very emotional and unusual experience.

On the outskirts of Mellieha, there are many tracks ideal for off-road walkers.  This is a splendid way to grasp the chance to see magnificent views which can be had from points that can only be reached on foot.  Selmun, Mizieb, L-Ahrax tal-Mellieha and Manikata are a few ideal tracks.  Horse and Pony rides are also available across the Manikata Ranges and from Popeye Village.

In a nutshell, Mellieha offers all it’s visitors bliss, relaxation,  sunshine, lovely clear and safe sea waters, breathtaking views and above all, complete pleasure.Malta has transformed itself from a former Great Britain acquired country to a Republic and later to an European Union member in 2004. It is an island that is dependant mostly on it’s tourist industry, since Malta’s  natural resources  are limited, it continues to be dependant on its neighbours, primarily being European and North African countries.